Energy to Care Awards

ASHE’s Gold Standard Award for Health Care Facility Energy Savings

The Energy to Care Award honors health care facilities that reduce energy consumption by 10% in a single year or 15% over two years. The program also recognizes previous award winners that reduce energy consumption by 5% in a single year.


  • Energy to Care Dashboard Participant
  • Energy to Care Award winners must have an ASHE Member on staff
  • Energy consumption based on weather normalized SOURCE EUI
  • The Energy to Care award winners receive a Facility Award which will be sent directly to Senior Leadership and an Individual Award for the facility manager or group responsible for energy reduction.

NEW for the 2020 application year!

All facilities participating in the Energy to Care Dashboard are eligible to win the award. Award Progress can be viewed on the home page of the dashboard through the following widget.

awards progress image

All facilities that close a progress ring with complete data through December 2019 will be notified that they have met the criteria to win an Energy to Care Award. A form will be provided to each facility subscriber to verify data accuracy and to provide important logistics for receiving the award.  

NOTE: All building data must be updated by midnight CST May1, 2020 (Deadline has been extended to July 1, 2020) to be eligible to receive the award.