Energy to Care Chapter Challenge

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Energy to Care ASHE Chapter Challenge

Energy to Care participants can engage in friendly competition to see which facilities can record the greatest reductions in energy use. To create your own internal challenge as a health care system or ASHE chapter, please contact the Energy to Care help desk at ASHE is currently enrolling ASHE-affiliated chapters in the Energy to Care Chapter Challenge (see below for details).

Energy to Care ASHE Chapter Challenge

The Energy to Care ASHE Chapter Challenge program allows ASHE affiliated chapters to participate in a friendly competition against one another in an effort to reduce their energy consumption.

2020 Challenge Information and Participation Instructions:

  • The Challenge will compare weather-normalized Source EUI between two, 12-month period ending dates 12/31/2018 and 12/31/2019. The chapter that demonstrates the greatest percent-based reduction in weather normalized EUI across the two periods will be the winner.
  • ASHE’s Energy to Care team will conduct the calculations and will post an updated list of standings throughout the challenge.
  • A chapter must enroll a minimum of 5 hospitals to compete and there are two categories of participation:
    • Small chapter category (5 to 15 enrolled hospitals)
    • Large chapter category (16 or more hospitals),
  • Winning Chapters receive recognition at the ASHE Annual Conference in Chicago. In addition, winning chapters will receive an individual award to share with their chapter and their name will be added to the revolving Energy Cup.

Sign-ups for the 2020 are available until July 25, 2019.
To complete your 2020 Challenge application, please submit the following two steps.

Complete the Excel spreadsheet form for the submitting participating facilies Complete the Chapter Challenge Commitment Form


  • Click here to review the Energy to Care Data Use Policy. For the Energy to Care ASHE Chapter Challenge program, ASHE will follow the data use policy with two exceptions: ASHE will report aggregate savings for the winning chapter, as well as all chapters a whole. Also, a listing of the competition standings will be posted.
  • The competition may not be used to reward competitors for the use of any particular commercial products or service.

For help enrolling in the Energy to Care Chapter Challenge, please contact the Energy to Care HelpDesk at