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ASHE is excited to announce that we are expanding the Energy to Care Program! We are launching a new Energy to Care Dashboard Tool in mid-July. The new dashboard includes a number of features that will provide added benefits to Energy to Care participants, including:


  • Clean and Simple Interface
  • Customized Information for AHA/ASHE Members
    • Energy to Care Award progress for each site
    • Energy to Care Chapter Challenge reporting
  • ENERGY STAR® Data Options
    • Existing ENERGY STAR® data can be imported
    • ENERGY STAR® logins are no longer required
    • Energy and facility data can be directly uploaded with Microsoft Excel templates
    • Data can be exported to ENERGY STAR®
    • New ENERGY STAR® score widget for convenient monitoring and updates
  • Energy and Cost Data Widgets
    • Monthly utility bill consumption and cost database
    • Energy Cost Index (ECI) monitoring
    • Energy cost savings o Energy Usage Index (EUI) monitoring
    • Annual and monthly energy performance measurement and verification
    • Weather data (HDD/CDD) overlays

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Legacy dashboard users

The existing dashboard will no longer by available through Energy to Care as of September 30, 2019.

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Question? Please contact the Energy to Care Helpdesk at